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Custom requests for personalized DVDs or digital downloads are available. All custom videos are shot in HD and done as a production; just for you. You won't get any sub-par quality "phone" videos. Ever wish you could write your own personal custom porn video? Would you like to watch your favorite porn star lie in a pile of silk scarves just before binding and gagging myself for you? How about watching her slowly slide off a pair of sexy stockings or pantyhose, before she gets slam fucked by a hot male or two, maybe making out with one of her hot girlfriends, or she could masturbate just for you while talking to you through the camera saying your name in the process? Do you enjoy a damsel in distress, domination, spanking, S&M play; how about watching beautiful girls cum? Please share your script with me and let me make your fantasies come true. All you have to do is ask! Upon completion, you will either be provided a link to your digital download (h.264/.mp4) or your DVD will be shipped to you discreetly. Please allow seven days to review what your request entails and provide a quote.

For Quotes - Email all your hot & steamy video ideas to (contact at pornstarmegamall dot com) with scene detail, wardrobe, location type (home, limo, bathroom, etc.) and your name (you will be mentioned throughout your video). We will provide a quote upon receipt. At a minimum please provide 1) type of scene (e.g. solo, boy/girl, girl/girl, etc.) 2) type of starlet if applicable (brunette, blonde, Latina, Asian, milf or young, etc.)

Customs are cash only and start at $400.00 for solos and go up from there, depending on your desires, details, special clothing or attire and how many models you request to create your fantasy. Nothing is scheduled until payment is received and videos may take up to 4 weeks to shoot based on model and videographers availability.

Please be advised that due to the unique nature of this product, all custom requests are prepaid only.